We, BENINCO, becomes a potential raw material supplying company as a result of the loyal customers support and intensive research and development, since its founding in 2004. We have accumulated a vast quantity of field experience and enjoyed absolute reliability.

Focusing on Steel and Agro Products, BENINCO is being serve for customer that is essential to realize the more convenient and safe with us. BENINCO succeeded to supply a number of raw material and products of steel and agriculture to various customer. For that, the company's reputation of credit is acknowledged by the domestic and overseas markets.

"Perfect Goods, Perfect Customer Service" is our motto. Our goods are as excellent products based on superior inspection, stable conveyance, and extensive field experience.

BENINCO concentrates our competence on the reinforcement of sourcing activities in global markets, including Southern Asia , EU and Middle East Asia. We endeavor to aggressively invest in authentic activities for more advanced sourcing power, to truly satisfy customers' needs by thorough quality assurance, and to grow to a sound company with high growth potentiality and competitiveness.
We ,BENINCO, look forward to your further encouragement and support.

All employees and officials of BENINCO will put more efforts to achieve the trustful Raw Material and Products of Steel and Agriculture Company in near by you.
Thank you.
Bennion Kim / CEO